Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PhotoConstructions 2007-2010

Beat Fuse (maquette) 2007  

 Beat Fuse (center)

Broadway-Broome Intersection (maquette), 

Broadway-Broome Intersection (center) 
Credible Hulk (maquette) 2008

Credible Hulk (center)

Gucci Sidewalk (maquette) 2008

Gucci Sidewalk (center)

Parent Garden (maquette) 2009 

 Parent Garden (center) 

Rivington-Essex Intersection (maquette) 2009  

Rivington-Essex Intersection (center) 

Broker Break (maquette) 2010  

Broker Break (center)     

Bike Lane Siesta (maquette) 2010

 Bike Lane Siesta (center)

Seventh Seal (maquette) 2010

Seventh Seal (center)

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  1. In the early 1980's, working in drawing and painting, I created a bicylindrical format of two intersecting curving planes, to create a picture plane that was wide-angled both vertically as well as horizontally, and to suggest a two-eyed, fluid, saccadic visuality. I soon began making photographs in this format, using pinhole cameras I made with curving film planes. In the new millenium I began re-creating the format digitally, using Photoshop as an apparent, Modernist syntax.