Friday, November 18, 2016

Awnings & other 2016 paintings and drawings

                                                               Awning V oblique view
                                                              Awning V central view
                                                                          Awning IV
                                                                        Awning III
                                                                            Awning II
                                                                            Awning I
                                                                   Sunday Brunch
                                                                     Essex St Crawl
                                                                      Bike Lock II
Colossus of Seward

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Some New Work 2015

 Armor, 2015, oil on ragboard/canvas construction, 34x44x22"
 Austin Arrivals, 2015, oils, acrylics, woven textiles on ragboard/canvas construction, 38x 48x36"
 Booster II, 2015, oils on ragboard/canvas construction, 23x34x13"
 Booster III, 2015, oils, acrylics & woven textiles on ragboard & canvas construct, 40x33x18"
Father Sorting Meds, 2015, oils, acrylics & woven textiles on ragboard & canvas construct, 34x39x16"
Spitzer's Corner (macquette), sewn digital photo-assemblage
 Clemente Film Shoot (macquette), sewn digital photo-assemblage
Essex/Rivington (macquette), sewn digital photo-assemblage

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Linked Writings

My essay for ART IN AMERICA on David Salle's class at the free Bruce High Quality Foundation University, which discusses Salle's idiosyncratic choice of writing gems--is linked here and part II here.

"Culture and Resistance", my review of Jonathan Moller's documentary photographs of repression in Guatemala, is linked here:

My review of a survey of contemporary Islamic art at the Museum of Modern Art, "Looking for Islam" is linked here:

Most of my writings were pre-internet, and are listed in my full resume at this blog's bottom.  If not available at your library's periodicals archive, contact me for specific reviews.

"Defending Late Stella," my defense of Frank Stella's curvilinear work from the '80's onward, was published in the March 2016 ART IN AMERICA and will be online soon.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Paintings 2014

Essex Crossing

Schooling III

Midtown Eros

Studio Windows

Photo-constructions 2012-2014


 Grand St Personal



Rivington St Signal

Third Avenue Nod

Car Park Moon

Paintings 2011-2013

Bus Stop Personal

Corner Teens

Delancey St Signal

Chema's Sunporch
Norfolk Café Society
Spitzer's Corner
Delancey Sunbacked

The News in the Garden II

Sex in the City drawings on photo-graphics